What Clients are Saying…

I just wanted to express my appreciation for all the support and guidance through the sale of Basford and my purchase at Autumn Leaf. The Past few months have not been the easiest, but your focus and advice certainly help me and Charlotte. Thank you and I wish you the BEST!

Carrie M.

I have purchased and sold two homes (4 transactions) through Nate. In the past 10 years I have moved more than 12 times and have owned 5 homes. Nate is the only agent I have ever done repeat business with and I would do business with him over and over again. I wish that I could actually move him with me out of state and have him buy / sell my homes here in Tennessee. He is THAT good! Of the 5 separate real estate agents I have ever done business with (some of them on million dollar plus properties), and of the many more agents I know as friends or acquaintances, Nate is far and above the best. He is highly skilled, has a subtle but personable and yet very effective demeanor, and can handle very challenging negotiations and situations. I have never been disappointed in results as either a buyer or a seller – even in today’s very tough real estate market. I would not hesitate to recommend him (and have) to any friend, family member, or co-worker. I have enjoyed Nate’s work and the success he has delivered to me so much, that I have subsequently recommended him to 3 other friends, who also bought homes using his services. I can think of few service providers in any field (let alone in the real estate profession) that I would recommend more than Nate. Note that I am an extremely busy, highly time constrained executive and I don’t take writing recommendations lightly, and I don’t have a lot of time to do this kind of stuff (in fact, I seldom do). The fact that I am taking the time to do this should also speak volumes of Nate. I am also very type A, an extremely tough and demanding customer, tend to micro-manage situations involving money or high stress situations, and generally get very involved in details. With Nate – I never had to. He functions perfectly and is truly the expert you can leave everything in the hands of. Use him. You will get results. You will not be disappointed!

C. CoberlyTennessee

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts and success in helping me sell my mothers house at 22 Mealey Parkway. This was a difficult situation for me, first and foremost because I lost my mother. Secondly, I have never sold a house before and did not understand the market and how things worked. You were the third realtor that I signed with within a year. Your professionalism and calm demeanor meant everything to me. You truly made the process as smooth as it could possibly be, and I appreciate that more than you know. I wish you continued success in your business. If there is ever a need for me to retain a realtor in the future I will be sure to call.

Thanks again, with kindest regards,

Chrissie V.New Market, MD